If You Say So - To Yourself
September 15th, 2021
Randy Murray - In this series, "If You Say So," Pastor Matt will be covering the power of our words, both written and spoken. He will also look at the source of those words and how they affect relatio...  Read More
Walk This Way - In Good Works
September 8th, 2021
Stacy Warner - "Good works are not opposite of Grace. Good works are a result of Grace." -Matt Graves This saying is worthy of memorizing. If we can comprehend this quote's deep yet simple meaning, ...  Read More
Walk This Way - In Power
September 1st, 2021
Matt Graves - I want to expand on that a little and look at the importance of being strong in strength of His might. We have an adversary, the devil, who is working through his rulers and powers and f...  Read More
Walk This Way - In Contentment
August 25th, 2021
Kale Magness - If our contentment is misplaced, with our reliance on anything other than on “Him who gives me strength”, we will get a skewed understanding of our rest, our joy, our acceptance, our pe...  Read More
Walk This Way - In the Light
August 18th, 2021
Chris Williams - The only way to know the truth is through the study of the scripture. Don't take someone else’s word for what the Bible says, search the scripture for yourself. I encourage you, if yo...  Read More
Walk This Way - In Forgiveness
August 11th, 2021
David Magness - Matt made a great point on Sunday about rightly dividing the Word as we read scripture. For example, in Matthew 6:14, Christ himself says that if we forgive others, God will forgive us...  Read More