Christianese - Jesus Take the Wheel
May 11th, 2022
Bob Murray - Pastor Matt continued in the Christianese Series with Jesus Take the Wheel this past Sunday. To me, the thought behind this message spoke to the tendency of Christians wanting to hand of...  Read More
Christianese - Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness
May 3rd, 2022
Bill Morel - Matt outlined several scriptures referencing humans' wicked or deceitful hearts and inability to "live right." He started with Matthew 23, where Jesus is lighting into the religious leade...  Read More
Christianese - God Helps Those Who Help Themselves
April 26th, 2022
Robert Tyson - Then the focus shifted to Christians. What are we doing as Christians to help ourselves and others? We don't like letting others into our inner circle. We keep others at arm's length; w...  Read More
Christinaese - WK 1
April 19th, 2022
David Magness - Don’t we still see a version of this today? The world tells us the story of Christ doesn’t make sense; the Bible is illogical or contradicts itself. This shouldn’t come as a surprise t...  Read More
Titus - Chapter 3
April 12th, 2022
Jeff Wood - At Heritage, we go to great lengths to talk about our identity being in Christ. As such, we are to rest in HIS completed work. As Andrew perfectly put it, the Gospel of the Grace of God do...  Read More
Titus - Chapter 2
April 5th, 2022
Matt Graves - The instruction to deny oneself is a popular teaching among a lot of evangelical communities. And it sounds super spiritual and humble. The problem is, it isn’t biblical. Now, I am well ...  Read More