Gaudy Christmas - Gaudy Grace
December 1st, 2021
Kale Magness - This past Sunday, Pastor Matt kicked off a new series entitled “Gaudy Christmas” with a message dealing with God’s grace. You don’t have to have attended Heritage for very long to recog...  Read More
Who We Are
November 24th, 2021
Cody Burt - Heritage was undoubtedly the “cooler” church because they had loud music and those moving lights. Even though that is cool, there was something different that intrigued me. What was being ...  Read More
War - Know Your Power
November 17th, 2021
Chris Williams - The enemy had me so wrapped up in the fact that I would never be good enough that I just didn't care to try. I remember my breaking point, I grabbed my Bible, prayed, and asked God to...  Read More
War - Know Your God
November 10th, 2021
David Magness - The power to overcome sin in your life isn’t rooted in motivation and self-discipline but from God through the Holy Spirit. The world has motivation and self-discipline, which ebbs and...  Read More
War - Know His Tactics, Temptaion
November 3rd, 2021
Bob Murray - Pastor Matt is in a 5-week series entitled "War." This past Sunday (Week 3), he talked about the enemy's (Satan's) tactics of temptation. Matt began by noting we must remember that our en...  Read More
War - Know His Tactics, Deception
October 27th, 2021
Randy Hagar - I have had a personal tragedy in my life lately. I lost my wife, Vicky, on September 20th. My enemy wants me to give up. My God says otherwise. I trust my God to see me through these to...  Read More